Your Church Needs YOU!!

This year, we have six total seats on Consistory that will be vacant come the end of March. The Nominating Committee has been working very hard to find candidates to fill these seats. But so far we have had too little success.

It seems that not enough of us are able to serve on Consistory. Also, it has been pointed out that it seems the “older” members are more invested and active in the church that the younger members. This is troubling since it is you younger members who are the future of this very church and congregation!

As I mentioned, we have six seats to fill this year and so far only two people have said that they are willing to take on the positions, with one maybe. Every other person whom we have asked has said “no” for a variety of reasons. So here I am still looking to fill four seats on Consistory, two as Deacons (young people apply here!!!!) and two as Elders.

Anyone interested in filling one of these positions, please speak to Margaret, Lauren, Stef, Pastor Susan, or me.

Thank you and remember, YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU!!!!

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