Worship Plans

By Margaret Coakley and Erie Beemsterboer

As we are writing this, we are in the middle of our Lenten time. The Adult Education class, Living Your Faith in a Messed Up World, has had its challenges, as we all do at one time or the other. Once it had to be cancelled due to the snow, another week it was very wet and windy, once it had to be postponed because of Ted’s funeral service. But most classes have been very well attended, and even though we have not been able to make it to one of the classes, we have heard nice reports about it.

Nature has been rough on us the last couple of weeks, and so getting to church was not always so easy. But the weather did not deter people from coming to hear the Bell Choir play a beautiful piece on Mar 14th. Since so many could not hear, we are planning on playing it again some time.

By the time you receive this, the Easter plans are all complete. Like last year, the Bell Choir will play a piece during the service and the choir will sing beautiful songs to mark this important holiday.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Worship and Music committee, our next meeting with the Christian Education and SNAP committee is planned for Apr 11th, and another meeting for ‘just’ the Worship committee is on the agenda for May 23rd. Please feel free to approach Margaret or Erie and your concern will be put on the agenda.

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