Work Proceeding on Sexton’s House

By Gary Bernhofer, Property Committee Chair

Of the three properties FRC owns, the Sexton’s House is in the greatest need of attention. Finally, with the completion of phase 1 of our redevelopment plan, we have started to focus on some projects there. With the help of Ty from the ISP program, we have replaced some crumbling brick work on the building’s foundation. Some of the work is visible from the exterior of the house but more has been done to the foundation in the basement.

Last weekend, scraping and painting resumed on the Sexton’s house. The front of the house now has a new, white primer look! I am anxious to get more gallons of the red paint so we can finish the lower front. The funds raised from the Property Committee’s garage sale will be used to purchase more paint for the project. We also anticipate the return of Paul Nulton this summer. Paul will focus on the upper, brown parts of the building. Paul has no fear of heights!

The committee is also looking into repairing the front porch of the Sexton’s House. We’re hoping Ty and his friends will be able to help with this. Stay tuned and watch as this historic old property is transformed!

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