Women’s Guild – Work and Play

On March 15th, we finally sat down to watch the movie, The Whale Rider. This was an activity we had planned for our last retreat but never had gotten to do. Thank you, Janet, for getting us the movie! We all enjoyed it very much. We invited the others who where still around to join us. The kids soon decided that the beginning was too scary to keep watching, but those that stayed enjoyed it. It is a powerful message that is crafted into this story. If you were not able to watch with us, I can recommend it to watch it yourself!

Then on Saturday, Mar 28th, we once again showed that many hands make light work! With the help of Junior Girls Scout troop 71669, 5th grade from Cranbury, we had a clean-up day. The girls are working on their Bronze award (the highest award a junior Girl Scout can get) and they picked House of Manna for their service project. So from 9:00 until 11:00 we cleaned all the chairs and tables in the Fellowship Hall, top, and bottom. And you would be surprised to discover how much dirt and unmentionables we found under the tables and chairs. Then we cleaned the woodwork in the Fellowship Hall, all the doors we cleaned and even the bathrooms were done. Meanwhile, the women of the church cleaned in the kitchen, the windowsills got a good going over, glass doors were cleaned. The cabinets were emptied and reorganized. House of Manna supplied their own plates so we put ours back in our cabinets and put away the new plates. We looked at all the items in the cabinets and made a decision if it still was used and needed by the church or that a toss was the better way to go. It was a lot of work but it is so satisfactory to see all the gleaming surfaces and know that everything is clean again!

A big thank you to: Allison, Brittany, Elina, Ellen, Ethel, Evelyn, Imma, Janet, Joan, Kathleen, Katie, Kelly, Lisa, Maggie, Nicole, Norma, Olivia, Petra, Premilla, Renee, Sandy, Susan, Tessa, Theresa and Walter.

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