Women’s Guild

In April, the women met to discuss a chapter from our current book, Women of the Bible. They went over the financial report, as always very nicely prepared by Janet Waanders. I cannot tell you what other activities took place that day, since a virus kept me home.

The date for a May meeting was discussed but it seems that May is a very busy month for all of us, so in honor of Mother’s Day, we will not have a meeting at our church. Let’s all get together again in June and do something very special then. I will keep you updated on this. If you want to go to a nice meeting for women, I can recommend the Women Friendship Day from the Church Women United; their flier is included in this newsletter. I went to one of these a few years ago and had a really good time.

We are still sending birthday cards to the Reformed Church Home resident on a regular basis, if you have cards that are suitable for this, you may always bring them in. And if you have a spare half hour of time to write them for a specific month, let me know and I will get the cards and name list to you!

Currently, I have almost finished one prayer shawl and I am still working on another one. In the office, we only have one on hand at moment. If you have some yarn or cotton material that can be used for a shawl, let me know. I am happy to prepare another quilt for us to make into a shawl for someone who is in need of one. And that may be any kind of occasion!

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