Women’s Guild Retreat

Last Sunday, the women of the church where invited to come to the Van Wickle House to gather for a short retreat. All in all, twelve women could make it where we celebrated with friendship and great food. First, we held a short “worship” service around the theme of friendship and story telling.

We told each other stories of women who inspired us to keep our faith. We held stones and told the group words that we would write on these stones to describe these women. Later we discussed how we can keep the Women’s Guild alive in the church in this changing world.

After the service, we looked for a nice place to put the stones, so that every time we visit the Van Wickle House we may visit the stones and remember the good time we had and the stories we heard. When we went inside it was time to prepare all the food that we had brought for our potluck dinner.

While munching on some appetizers, we went quickly over the business side of the Women’s Guild. We talked a little about our upcoming Advent Breakfast on Dec 5th, the prayer shawls were mentioned, as well all the other activities the Guild does. Then we sat down for a scrumptious dinner that was made by many loving hands. We finished it off with very luxurious dessert. And with a quick clean up, our retreat was over.

I really enjoyed seeing so many of us engaged in talks with each other, to be catching up after not having seen each other for a long time or just remembering those who have gone before us, or people who could not be there for personal reasons and knowing they regretted that.

I am looking forward to a great season for our Women’s Guild and hope to see many faces at our next meeting on Sunday, Oct 18th after worship service.

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