Women’s Guild Plan and Study

Our last meeting was a very meaningful one. We had a great time with our Bible study book, God Is In the Hard Stuff. I really like the book as its chapters are rather short and most often give a good start for a good discussion. Even if you don’;t have the book, it is easy to follow along and take part in the discussion. We will continue with this book at most meeting, but please don’t think you cannot come to our meetings because you don’t have the book. At our last gathering, only one or two copies were present, but all seven ladies present were participating in the discussion.

Other agenda items during this meeting were our upcoming breakfast to honor Yvette Molina (see related article). I urge all of you to take that article and show it to a friend (or two) and invite her to come along to this event. It is free and promises to be a good time for all! I really want to show Yvette with a good attendance that we appreciate all that she has done and still is doing for House of Manna. And in today’s economy, it must not be easy for so many in the city of New Brunswick to get a good and healthy meal on the table for their families. Thanks to Yvette, and other people, they now can rely on House of Manna at least twice a week for a free meal in a family friendly environment. If you want provide some food for this event, please let Erie know! A sign up sheet will be available on the board as well.

On May 8th, the Church Women United are having their annual Friendship Service. Last year, Pastor Susan, Joan Fekete and I attended this service and had a good time, then it was held on a Friday. This year it will be on a Saturday so I hope that more of us can go to this year. I will provide more details about this at our next meeting on April 18th.

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