Womens’ Guild Kept Busy Over the Summer

Over the summer, the women in our Guild have been busy. First, we served at Elijah’s Promise and the turnout was excellent. It showed again that many hands make light work.

Shortly after that, we left for Chicago. Joan and Susan traveled by car and Maria by air. Erie went by car with her family. The triennial was a new experience for all of us. Speaking just for myself, I can say that it was a very good experience. Just to be involved and listen to and see all the different activities made it a very rewarding experience. I certainly hope that this was not the last conference that will be organized. As an extra activity, there was a meeting from Room for All which we attended. That also was a rewarding experience. So many attended this meeting, despite the late hour at which it started. If you want to hear some more about the triennial or the Room for All meeting just ask Joan, Susan or Erie.

In the middle of August, we have sent out about 45 ‘Save the Date’cards for our Advent breakfast on December 1st. So please put that date in your calendar.

Looking forward to the fall: for our September Prayer Shawl meeting, we will be going to the Reformed Church home for most of our meeting time.  Please let Erie know if you are planning to attend that meeting so she can let the home know how many of us are coming. We are planning to show them some finished shawls and explain more about the shawls. And as always, even if you are not a knitter or crochet person, you are welcome to come and pray with us over the shawls. If you can not come to the meetings at all and wish to make shawls, ask Erie for more information. And if you are not so crafty, you always can donate yarn or money for yarn.

In September, our regular Guild meeting will be on Sep 23rd at 12:30 p.m. This will be a regular meeting where we will finalize our plans for the fall and look at some possible projects we might want to work on.  Please try to attend this meeting. I also would like to start our Bible study with our new book, God is in the HARD Stuff, and I would like to go through Chapter One. If you do not yet have a copy of the book, please see Joan as she has ordered them for us.

Some changes have been made in our other plans. The date of October meeting has been changed to October 14th and the Silent auction has been pushed forward to the spring, so just hold on those donations a little longer!

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