Women Together for Sharing and Learning

This month, the women had a gathering a church and then a field trip afterwards, but our plans for the spring are quite exciting. We hope that this offers a variety of events for each woman.

On Feb 6th, yes, the same day of the Chili Cook Off, a group of Rutgers volunteers will come to help us clean. We are planning to give the Fellowship Hall, nursery and breezeway a thorough clean up. Any hands that can come that day are more than welcome. Bring your bucket and sponges! Once again we will prove that many hands make light work. No need to worry about dinner that night, just come back and get a tasting of all the different chilies!

Also, keep Apr 24th open for a special brunch. That morning we hope to celebrate the hard work of Yvette Molina. She is a staff member of Elijah’s Promise and has done, and still does, a lot for House of Manna.

That same day we hope to raise funds by selling Raggedy Ann dolls, table runners, and other handiworks. If you would like to help with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, please contact Ellen Hamilton. If you have other handmade crafts that you would like to donate to raise the project funds, please contact Erie.

After our planning session, most of us went to the bathroom together. Together?! Yes, we all went there to look and see what is needed for the renovations. Joan had a drawing of the new layout and we were looking to see where a changing table might fit, as well as other items. The plans for the renovations are coming together, although we still need about $4,000 to complete all the necessary changes.

Then it was time to get our coats on to go to the Hungarian Art Museum on Somerset Street. There we got a tour of the thirteen different Christmas trees on display, as well as the lace work and Hungarian costumes and folk art. It was very intriguing and we all learned a couple of things. For instance: in Denmark they still have real candles on their trees and burn them! Also, did you know where the red globed ornaments come from? The answer: most likely from the tradition of putting red apples as decorations on trees. Did you know that in Denmark St. Nicholaus’ sleigh is not pulled by a reindeer but rather by a goat? The lace that was displayed was just stunningly beautiful, so fine and intricate. And, being a folk dancer myself, it was just wonderful to see all the different costumes.

Next month we will have a “regular” meeting and read from our book, God Is in the HARD Stuff. Don’t worry if you do not have a copy of this book; you are welcome and can always participate. See you all on Feb 21st after worship!

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