What Age Do You Have To Be To Play Hand Bells?

That question is easily answered: As old or as young as you want to be! Only one thing is necessary: you need to hold at least one bell in your hands. And our Bell Choir is the living example of this, we span all generations in our group. On April 22, we had three generations of one family playing. Aliece, Evan, and Emily Sena played along with their grandmother Janet Waanders in the choir. It is my pleasure to be in the position where I can see the joy in the faces of all players when they “get it”. And that can be just about anything, such as, getting a sound out of that quirky C6, ring the right bell on the right time, not to mix up your hands, or even get those heavy bells to shake like the director wants you to do.

If you ever want to see those joys for yourself, feel free to wander up to the balcony during Bell Choir practice. The Bell Choir will practice again from May 20th thru June 17th, then we give the bells a cleaning and a rest for the summer. If you want to play with us, come on up those stairs and I will give you a part that you can handle!

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