Welcome Bill Hodge FRC 2010 Landscaper

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Bill Hodge who will be cutting the grass in the cemetery this year. Bill is a recent graduate of Rutgers University. He quickly found that sitting behind a desk all day was not his thing. He began a landscaping business, relying on experience he gathered while working summers for DeVris Garden Center in North Brunswick.

Bill is a very personable young man. He said it is an “honor to work on such a historic property”. He has promised to be careful while working in the cemetery. The Property Committee came to an agreement with Bill to cut the grass every other week during the growing season. Bill, knowing how quickly the grass grows during the spring, has agreed to cut grass every Wednesday but is honoring the cost estimate he gave us for cutting twice per month. He said that every time he comes he will, pick up branches and litter, cut the grass and blow off walkways. As per our request, he will not weed whack around the monuments. We have arranged for volunteers to install wood chips around them so weed whacking, which could damage the tombstones, will not be necessary.

Bill has already become close friends with Pastor Hartmut. In fact, Hartmut and Susan will preside over his wedding this summer to his fiancé, Melissa. If you see Bill Hodge on a Wednesday at the church, introduce yourself. He is a very interesting young man.

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