Weekly Offering Needs a Lift!

We have always been blessed here at First Reformed Church with stable if not increasing weekly envelope offerings. Just look at the chart. The first column for each year represents what we budgeted for that year, while the second column shows the actual numbers of the envelope offerings. They used to exceed what we budgeted.

Now, this year of 2010 seems to be different. Certainly, the year is not over. The first column for 2010 includes only the first 10 months of the year. However, our Finance Committee has also compared the year-to-date data for the three years. And it recognized that, as of October 31, 2010, our envelope offering was behind by $3,657.

The general recession has hit several of us hard, and these numbers may just be what they are. However, many of us may not even have known about our problem of falling behind in the envelope offering, and some of us may be able to do something about it. For this reason, the Finance Committee has decided to bring the situation to everybody’s attention. If you have a chance of supporting your church in this difficult time, it will be much appreciated.

Weekly Envelope Offerings, 2008-2010 budgeted vs. actual
(Left column is budgeted; right column is actual)

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