Triptych Dedication

Easter is always a special celebratory worship, however this year we have been blessed with so much: a renovated nursery, an updated men’s restroom, and so many odds and ends donated and given a new coat of paint.

Besides all these good things, we are yet thankful that this all happens with an eye, as well, on our spiritual lives. On Easter Sunday, the congregation gave thanks for a triptych (a three-panel painting) by our resident artist Maria Owens. As many of you know, she has devoted her abilities to bringing forth the Biblical text through her brush. Maria lovingly has dedicated this painting to our church.  It portrays the three last days of our Lord Jesus Christ: praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, his crucifixion and his resurrection.

We were thrilled during worship to take away the shroud covering the triptych, dedicating it in the front right corner of our sanctuary. Now folks may sit in prayer and meditation, looking to this most stimulating work of art for inspiration. Praise God from which all blessings flow!

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