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The Corporation of Supportive Housing Loan of $50,000 for preliminary start up costs is requesting a further underwriter for the loan. Pastor Susan made an application with the Synod Foundation of our Regional Synod of the Mid-Atlantics. (The Synod Foundation has approved of supporting the project.])

Middlesex County Continuum of Care Grant – An application for this grant was submitted on June 13th with the request of $200,000. The TCCDC Board has been called in for a presentation the end of July. An announcement of the grant funding will come in the fall.

Johnson & Johnson Volunteer Grant – An application for this was completed June 28th and is made possible through Lauren Bernhofer’s volunteering at FRC. The amount may be up to $10,000 and is awarded in the fourth quarter.

There are still a few other grants that the CDC Fund-raising Team will be approaching in the next couple of weeks. Donations – John Keller has formulated a donations request letter which will be reviewed by the TCCDC Board at its next meeting.

Architectural Designs
There have been two meetings with the architectural agency Design Ideas Group, AIA (Jeffrey Venezia and Kevin Scott Dunn). At the first meeting, the regulations about the size of the permanent, supportive, affordable housing units and the amount of the units – at least ten – was of particular concern, as well as the entryway to the housing section. At the second meeting, Jeffrey Venezia, who had visited the church during a worship service and had sat in on the Visioning Event in June, felt that there needed to be some adjustments made to the developing design. There will be further meetings in July with the architect and another Visioning Event is planned for Aug 14th at noon.

There was some discussion about Design Ideas Group, AIA being the architectural firm for the re-design of the worship space in order to keep the communications flowing. Further discussions will follow.

Contracts and leases
All agreements – Lease with FRC, Contract with Lawyer Steven Hambro, READS, and Design Ideas Group, AIA are on hold until the loan approval with CSH has come in.

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