Town Clock CDC Update

Town Clock CDC

Town Clock CDC

by Sherri Novack, TCCDC Board President

A new beginning. That is what we have created for the 8 women and 3 children who moved into Dina’s Dwellings on April 5. This would not have been possible without the generosity, love, commitment and devotion of the congregation of First Reformed Church!

This is what’s been happening this month. We are setting up the offices on the third floor. We have sent a Letter of Intent to the Rutgers Community Health Foundation Grant for the 2016-2017 funding year. A grant was submitted by Professor Andrea Hetling of the Bloustein School for a Community-University Research Partnership Grant. If this grant is awarded to this proposal, it would allow a MSW student to follow the residents of Dina’s Dwellings for a year’s period, observing how they experience the housing and programming offered.

We have held our Fund Raising and Development Committee meetings in our new community space. Both committees welcomed new members as interest in Dina’s Dwellings remains high.

Save the date…Jazzin for Funds will be held this year on November 6 at the Old Bay restaurant. We wanted to let you know early so that you can get the word out about the event.

I was invited to give a presentation about Dina’s Dwellings to students attending Rutgers Honors College. After the presentation, students put together packages of toiletries and snacks for the residents. Students wrote notes of encouragement and drew pictures on the packages welcoming the residents to their new homes.

Finally, Susan attended Crossroads Women’s Retreat at Harvey Cedars and gave two workshops on domestic violence and the church’s decision to create this ministry of hope and healing that is Dina’s Dwellings.

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