The Tile Project: One Piece in the Mosaic of Fund-raising for Historic Preservation

Your fund-raising committee wants to update you and to describe again the Delft-tile project that is a part of the overall fund-raising effort.

Update: The Netherlands tile company that will fire and hand paint the tiles requires orders in increments of 20 tiles in order to undertake the work. We have 18 requests for tiles thus far, and hope that in the next couple of months we will be able to place the first order. Depending on the dollar-euro exchange, the portion of the $100 contribution that will go to purchase the tile is $35 – $40.

Background: The fund-raising committee wanted to offer members and friends of the church an opportunity to honor or memorialize loved ones or to acknowledge their own membership or other connection to First Reformed Church. Because of the project’s connection to historic preservation, we chose something that would be consistent with the early Dutch history of First Reformed Church. Today, our church combines many other historic traditions as well. Yet, when acknowledging the donors of our historic preservation project, we found it meaningful to harken back to our earliest beginnings. And so we adopted the idea of creating a wall (or a framed section of a wall) in the breezeway to be covered in Delft tiles. In selecting Delft tiles, we chose something recognized and treasured by people of all backgrounds as high quality ceramics with a very pleasant design.

The picture below is close to the design that will be on the tiles. Here are examples of the written message contributors have requested (fictitious names):

Jo and John Tomachek -In memory of Geraldine Fairweather gift of Gerald Fairweather
In honor of the Rev. and Mrs. James McBride – In memory of Neil and Marcia Scott They loved their church
The Nagy family – In honor of Dan and Heather Doria from their children

If you are considering ordering a tile but have questions, call Janet Waanders at 732-463-0637.

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