The Rainbow Children’s Choir Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy – Part I

The Rainbow Choir had a wonderful performance on Sunday, January 22 in the Randolph Room to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We collaborated with the musicians from the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble to make music that expounded the tenets of love, tolerance, and peace. Hartmut and Susan gave a warm welcome that included an interesting explanation of the beautiful stained glass chalice in our Randolph Room, a symbol of 1) color diversity and 2) the dangers of marginalizing people who don’t fit the norms of society.

The music featured the cultures of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. In our quest for world music, the Rainbow Choir has gone a long way to discover the essence of songs from all over the globe. Kudos to these children who are so dedicated to their music. They will perform again at the Interfaith Earth Day event on April 22.

Finally, we learned one very important thing at the event: that in order for humankind to continue its struggle for peace among nations, we have to educate our heart’s mind, and better embody the virtues of honesty, loving kindness, and justice.

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