Tea Party, Retreat, CWS Collection


Earlier this year, we decided to revive our annual Tea Party. We were not sure how the congregation would receive it. Now we can say that most of the people liked it. The tables were nicely laid and the flower decorations added a nice touch. It was very nice of Ellen, Janet and Bruce to make these flower arrangements and even use teapots as vases. The food was all delicious and was of a good variety; there was something for everybody’s taste. Thank you to everybody who helped in one way or the other! I hope we can keep the tradition alive now and have another party next year.

We are still working on the program for our retreat on Sep 5th and 6th in the Poconos. If you are planning to go, let Erie know so she can keep a total count for all the preparations. We have a full program in the works; it promises to be a rewarding trip.

On the sign-up-board in the Fellowship Hall you will find a sheet for our Church World Service collection. We are collecting for school kits this year. If you want to donate anything, please write your name and the quantity down. A pattern for a school bag is on the board behind the sign up sheet. We hope to send 25 complete kits to CWS in the early fall.

Prayer shawls are still being made, although I do find I go slower when the weather gets hot. Still there are people out there who will benefit from one. If you know someone who could use a shawl, let me know and we will make one! 

We will not meet over the summer in order to give everybody time to enjoy the nice weather. Our next regular meeting will be on Oct 18th, as our retreat comes in place of the September meeting.

We are still in need of a theme for our Advent Breakfast on Dec 6th. Let me know if you have any ideas!!


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