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Restoring the Sexton’s House

The Sexton’s House is an important feature on the property of First Reformed Church. Built in 1885, it was always meant to house the sextons of our church. For this unique reason, it was included, together with our Education Building and the church itself, on the National and State Registers of Historic Places.

The house was built in the style of Queen Anne. According to Architect Margaret Westfield’s 2007 Preservation Plan, this style includes in our case “asymmetry, the use of integrated porches, the use of different materials on the exterior (clapboard and shingles) to create texture, the decorative string course and bargeboards, the sash door at the front entrance with the unusual panel pattern and the large pane of glass surrounded by small panes, and the use of multi-light double-hung sash windows.” Continue reading

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Knowing our History

Our great heritage became quite a bit more accessible to the residents of New Brunswick when on April 20 the brothers Paul and Pat from Paul’s Custom Awards and Trophies installed our outdoor sign in front of the church. The aluminum-etched sign has a sturdy steel frame and includes pictures as well as text. The text provides pivotal dates of our history, and explains our relation with the denomination, with Rutgers University and with the city of New Brunswick. It also includes detail of our church’s architectural features. Finally, the sign was the last piece of construction required under the current capital grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust. A photograph will be included in our final report to the State. Continue reading

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Antiques Afternoon — January 7

January 7, 2012 is coming quickly, and so is the Antiques Afternoon event. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to find out if your “stuff” is trash or treasure! Haven’t you always wanted to know???

On January 7, from 1-4PM, Joe Bodnar (Bodnar’s Auction) will be speaking about antiques and appraising anything and everything that comes through our doors. The Historic Preservation Fundraising Team is sponsoring this event to raise funds towards our matching grant. There will be refreshments, contests to test your antiques knowledge, and plenty of opportunity to share the stories behind the stuff! Continue reading

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Benefit Concert

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Concert at Crossroads Theatre

On Jul 16th, we were privileged to use the Crossroads Theater for a fund-raising concert we called A Spiritual Crossroads. The theater’s own name and philosophy inspired us to think about our congregation’s experience over the years of engaging with people from many origins and faith traditions.
Three of those origins and traditions were represented by the gifts of music at the concert. Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble played music from Afro-Cuban rumba spiritual masses and batá chanting and drumming from the Orishas or forces of nature. Jeanel LeBlanc sang hymns and spirituals originating in or important to the African American experience. And Wind of Anatolia played Turkish folk music in the Anatolian tradition. By evening’s end, audience members were dancing first in the aisles and then, at Pastor Susan’s invitation, on stage with Wind of Anatolia. Continue reading

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Lisztomania at First Reformed!

None other than the German poet Heinrich Heine coined in 1844 the term Lisztomania. It described the state of frenzy that regularly befell the female
audience of Franz Liszt’s piano concerts. The marks of this Lisztomania were distinct enough to have Heine suspect medical reasons as underlying causes: Continue reading

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Opera, Art, Song and Musical Theater

By Benjamin T. Berman Continue reading

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