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Elly Kajamino and South Sudan

From the RCA.ORG website

With the assistance of the international community, South Sudan’s government and opposition forces signed a ceasefire agreement on January 23.

In spite of the ceasefire “the killing of innocent citizens is still taking place in Malakal,” says John Yor Nyiker, general secretary of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. On February 1, he says, “we encountered people burying a man who was killed in his residence. This conflict started politically and in the military and now it has become ethnic hatred among the communities. Our people are in urgent need of support for shelter, clean water, food, and medical and emergency supplies in the churches and hospitals.”

The signing of the ceasefire agreement provides a small sign of hope that peace may return and more international humanitarian agencies may gain access to severely affected areas to assist the people.

How You Can Help

  • Pray for peace, that the terms of the ceasefire will be fully implemented by government and anti-government forces and that the ethnic violence between tribal groups will cease.
  • Pray for reconciliation, that a national reconciliation process may be developed.

The RCA has provided $20,000 to assist with immediate needs for food, water, and shelter. Additional support is needed for more emergency supplies and to provide immediate trauma healing, peace-building, and reconciliation training for refugees, displaced people, and ethnic communities. Donate at

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