Special Prayer Request

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you to keep a student I work with in your thoughts and prayers. I received this e-mail in my school account from my building principal.

Tyler Abrams, an eighth grader, was hit by a car Friday night (Nov 17th) near the Time to Eat Diner. He was airlifted to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center. I spoke with his mother on Sunday morning. Tyler has a concussion, a fractured skull, a lot of cuts and burns on his face and some bleeding on the brain. The bleeding is in the outer area and the doctors are hoping the blood will clot and his body will absorb it. He is sitting up and talking but doesn’t remember the accident. Tyler’s Mom was extremely grateful that he had his student ID on him as that is the only way he was identified and his family notified.

One of the guidance counselors in the school spoke to Tyler’s father on Nov 20th and Tyler is supposed to be coming home on the 21st but probably will not be back to school right away due to the nature of his injuries.

Thank you all,
Heather Takacs

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