Song Gift Weekend

On September 11th, Lorraine Nelson-Wolff, a Reformed Church musician, concert artist, and songwriter, will be giving a concert in First Reformed Church at 7:00 p.m. The following day, September 12th, Rally Sunday, she and her family will join us for worship in the sanctuary, at which time she will present us with a “song gift.”

The gift is a piece of music that she is writing especially for First Reformed Church which emphasizes the musical skills of our congregation, and exemplifies the mission and atmosphere of our church. These are two events that the members of our congregation will not want to miss.

Mrs. Nelson-Wolff is a very talented musician and has been gracious enough to have sent music to us many times before. We have sung her music during the introits in Advent and Lent. It is richly melodic and written in the antiphonal style, which means that one group sings and another group responds. Finally, we will get to meet this gifted woman on September 11th in the fellowship hall of our church.

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