Small Study Group – Unbinding the Gospel

The Invitation and Outreach Committee is doing a study of the book, Unbinding the Gospel, by Martha Grace Reese. This book is about the “E word”; (as the author calls it), which is a term for evangelism.

The dictionary defines evangelism as the preaching or promulgation (to set forth or teach publicly) the gospel. This sounds very formal and intimidating. Some may
have a different view of evangelism. Knocking on doors or standing on street corners may come to mind. Seems a little scary to be an evangelist and approach people,
maybe only the pastors should do it, right?!

Now instead of the “E word”, replace it with something like the statement of “sharing of our faith” as well as “what does our faith mean to us”. These statements bring to mind a different picture or manner of evangelism. It does not seem as scary – perhaps? The Invitation & Outreach has just started our study of this book and the “E word”, and we are excited about what we are finding out – not only about our own faith but also about each other. It is helping each of us put into words what God means to us. The book gives us the Who, What, Why and How of faith sharing. We are anticipating learning much more as our study continues.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please ask Erie Beemsterboer, Pastor Susan Kramer-Mills or Joan Fekete. We would enjoy sharing about our faith and our study with you, as we hope to grow into the “E word” with less hesitation.

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