September Special Event

For the last few years, the Women of the church have organized a special event in September. We have gone to a trial of the RCA, had retreats at a beach house, did a special day at the Van Wickle house, and went to the lake house of Janet and David Waanders.

This year, Janet has graciously invited the women to come back to the lake house for a retreat. We have settled on the theme of FIRE as it appears in the Bible in several places. So expect to the sing some fiery songs, maybe have a fiery bite of food, or something to eat to cool of all that fire, or a splash in the lake to cool off!

We are planning on singing, swimming, boating, making music, sitting by the fire, devotions, working on a sewing project for shawls. All in all a fun and spirit filled 24 hours. The idea is to arrive in the second half of the afternoon at the lake house on Friday, September 24th. We will leave again before dinner on Saturday. If you would like to attend, please let Erie know so that we can plan for the meals. That way we probably can arrange for car pools as well, so not everybody has to drive.

The Women are still collecting bottles of shampoo and conditioner for House of Manna. We hope to give them the collection soon, so leave your donations in the basket in the Randolph Room before September 20th please!

As mentioned above, shawls are still being made by women of the church for those in need of something to hug and give them a little boost! Or if someone is celebrating a milestone in their lives, like getting a baby, getting married, those are great examples of people who also can receive a prayer shawl. We have a few shawls that can be given out and at the retreat we are planning on making a few quilted ones. If you know of anybody who could benefit from a shawl, please let Erie know!

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