Sanctuary Re-Dedication Festival

The Chocolate Tasting Party held on May 7, was a tasty success for those who came out. We played games, sampled chocolate inspired drinks, sauces desserts and more.  The committee is very grateful to those members of the congregation who showed their support. The committee was able to meet the fundraising goal of $500 to support the upcoming Sanctuary Re-Dedication Festival.

The re-dedication of the Sanctuary on June 11, 2016 is just a few weeks away now! After over 1 year of waiting, the redesigned sanctuary space is ready for worshipers.

The re-dedication festival committee has personally invited over 100 members and friends of the congregation.  Planning has been in process for many months.

The committee is sincerely hopeful that you will show your support and satisfy your curiosity by joining in this historic event. Your presence and enthusiasm is a critical piece of the event.  The festival is FRC’s opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to the community.  To this end, we have invited many of the community groups that are part of our church life. Your presence isn’t just for yourself; it’s for the future of FRC. We have much to offer, but in a world with so many distractions we just cannot afford to sit back and assume a continuing existence.  Come out and tell the community around FRC why you chose to be a member of “The Oldest Congregation in the Newest Church”.

The time table is this:
3:00-5:00PM Community Festival with several stations in fellowship hall and the church.
4:30-5:00PM Rehearsals of choir and bell choir.
5:00-5:45PM Re-Dedication Worship Service in the sanctuary.
5:45-7:00PM       Ice Cream Social

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