Relections: Why do we remember our darkness?

by Ellen Hamilton 

I have often said that for me Chirstmas Eve and Maundy Thursday are the most important services of the year.  The drama makes these two services memorable.  The drama highlights the significance of the events that we celebrate, the birth of Christ and the death of Christ.

On Christmas Eve we darken the sanctuary and then light the candles – our candles one by one.  As we sing Silent Night, we pass the light, and the room glows with the Light of the World.

On Maundy Thursday the Light is taken away as each candle on the Holy Table is extinquished.  Thirty-three chimes are rung and we leave in silence in complete darkness.

Easter would have no significance for us without the birth and the sacrifice – the darkness, which is triumphantly yet quietly overcome by the light of the resurrection.

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