Reflections on 30 Years of Marriage and the Importance of Church in Our Relationship

Having reached a significant milestone in our lives has caused me to reflect on our lives together; what we’ve accomplished and what is important to us. Lauren and I have nurtured a relationship that has grown deeper with every passing year. I believe we are able to do this because we have so many common interests. We love Rutgers Football, we worked together to raise our boys, we have mutual friends and we are active in our church. We both are interested in science and we like to try different foods. We love nature, animals and camping.

Without question, our two greatest passions are our kids and our church. So many families in this day and age devote all their time to their careers and/or their families. Sunday has become a day to either rest or take the kids to their soccer games. Why spend free time mowing grass at Church, preparing lesson plans for Sunday school classes, completing and submitting agendas and minutes from an endless list of committee meetings or going to choir practice? One answer to this question is that our church, from the day we joined, entered a partnership with us to help raise our boys. Through Sunday school, Josh learned Bible stories from Dr. John Coakley, a fantastic teacher, role model and dedicated long time church member. Tom learned about autism, compassion and giving from Sandy, Walter and Kathleen Boyles. Our kids have been positively impacted by every person they met from our church. Their times at Warwick and our church helped mold them in many ways into what they are today.

Would Josh and Tom have grown up to be the fine young men (my opinion) they are today if they did not grow up in the church? I think they would to some degree but they have learned to view the world and their neighbors through their experiences at our church. They’ve learned to be sympathetic and to have a social conscience (truly a rare thing for members of the me generation).

I’d like to thank our friends, family and church family for celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary with us on June 14th. When we thought about celebrating this event, there were some tough decisions to make in order to have the event happen. Where to celebrate was a no brainer. We wanted to celebrate at our church, the place that has meant so much to our family for over 20 years.

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