Rally Day Sunday

This year, our children will be celebrating Rally Day on Sunday, September 18th. A special worship service kicks off the coming year of Sunday School for both Little Lambs and Big Lambs. Don’t miss the clever sketches prepared just for the enjoyment of our little ones. Can you imagine how the characters will appear, with names like The Flea Circus Director, Magician and Prince Henry?

Throughout the coming year, lessons will focus on stories from the New Testament. Specific lesson topics will include “compassion”, “forgiveness” and “patience”, among many other faith characteristics. The Big Lambs will have their first meeting on September 25th. For the remainder of the year, the Little Lambs will meet on the first and third Sundays, with the Big Lambs meeting on the second and fourth Sundays. The months of October, January and April incorporate five Sundays, which allows for a special activity for all children on each of the three fifth Sundays. Gary and Lauren Bernhofer, Norma Vande Bunte, Sandy Boyles and Emily Sena will return as teachers.

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