Raíces Caribeñas Draws Large Crowd to Lunchtime Concert

The folkloric music and dance ensemble Raíces Caribeñas specializes in the rhythms and dances of both Cuba and Puerto Rico. The group interprets the three forms of Cuban rumba, the many beats and strains of the Santeria bata drum liturgy, and the Puerto Rican rhythms known as bomba and plena. Members of the group come from diverse music and cultural backgrounds. Principals are Nicole Wines, William Torres, Dean Warren Schomburg, Manuel Bedoya, and Francisco Gomez.

We had 73 people attend. A good third were students from the Livingston School, many of whom are Hispanic. After the performance, the students flocked on stage because they had so much to ask of the musicians. It was a great day of bridge building in our church.

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