Preservation Plan Underway

Dear Members & Friends,

First Reformed Church is well underway in developing the preservation plan with architect Margaret Westfield. We are awaiting her analysis and recommendations for the preservation plan of the three buildings of our church. Now the next step is for the church to begin our fund-raising efforts.

The Fund-raising Committee has been working on a three-year span to raise money for the preservation project. Funding is expected from three sources: members and friends of First Reformed Church, the greater community around our church and New Brunswick and, lastly, the New Jersey Historic Trust Fund.

In upcoming weeks, you will be receiving a letter from the Fund-raising Committee to ask for your support with a pledge to this preservation project. We are happy to report that a substantial amount of support has already been pledged. This is certainly a great start in our fund-raising efforts. We will be updating you periodically on our progress.

Sincerely, The Fund-raising Committee:

   Russ Gasero, David Shipman, Patty Tsai, Janet Waanders

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