Paint the Historic Service House

The Project: prepare and paint the historic service house next to the church (the sexton’s house) Needed: volunteers of all skill levels to scrape and paint, following New Jersey historical preservation guidelines. Specialized volunteers: skilled carpenters to replace the wooden shakes in the upper floors.

Volunteer Amenities: rooming at the Second Reformed Church in New Brunswick. Showers will be available at the end of the work day.

Materials fee for project: $150/week/volunteer OR $30/day/volunteer.

When: Aug 15-19 and Aug 22-26, 2011.

Contact Information: Rev. Paul Nulton, Volunteer Coordinator, 845-598-1407, or e-mail
Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, 732-249-7249, or e-mail

Financial gifts for this project will be greatly appreciated. Checks should be made payable to The Warwick Center Volunteer Program noting the project name. All donations are placed in a restricted fund earmarked for this specific project.

Mail checks to
Rev. Paul Nulton, The Warwick Center
P. O. Box 349
Warwick, NJ 10990-0349.

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