Paint Day/Spaghetti Dinner Big Success at FRC

On Saturday, September 18th, members of the First Reformed Church and volunteers from Pine Grove Nursery joined together to work on our church house. This was the first time we were able to work with our new tenants. Pine Grove brought at least 20 volunteers and, with our members, we painted the stairways. Thanks to all the hard working volunteers, we were able to completely paint the main stairway from entry level to the second floor.

This was a remarkable accomplishment made even more so by the fact that we used three different colors! What a difference the newly painted entryway makes. We even had enough volunteers to begin painting the back stairway near the kitchen.

Nothing builds relationships better then working on a project together. This was the case on September 18th. Getting to meet families from Pine Grove was just as important as the actual putting of paint on our walls. After the painting was completed for the day, we all enjoyed a spaghetti dinner offered by our church. The turnout for the dinner was even greater then the turn out for the painting. (Cost of dinner covered the cost of the food and the paint.) We went through many pounds of spaghetti! The property committee would like to thank Hartmut, Susan, Gary, Lauren and Norma for helping with the painting. Thanks also to the kitchen crew of Erie, Ron, Ethel and Joan for putting out such a nice meal.

I think we’re off to a great start with our new friends at Pine Grove Nursery.

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