Pageant Rehearsal and Party Time!

While the pageant participants were working hard in the sanctuary, a crew of ladies gathered in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall to set up for pizza party. In the sanctuary you could hear the voices of Bruce Bothwell, Susan and Allison Kramer-Mills, Aliece, Emily, Evan and Adam Sena, Heather Esptein, and Daphne and Theo Beemsterboer. The ladies crew consisted of Elza Bothwell, Ethel Salamone, Joan Fekete and Erie Beemsterboer. Hartmut was around to do odds and ends where needed; he also took pictures so all of you can see what it looked like.

When the players had gone through the play of couple times, the kitchen crew had three pizzas ready to warm them all up. By that time, the other guests had arrived as well. All in all, we had around 25 people sitting around the tables and enjoying the beautiful tree. I could hear lots of comments about people appreciating the music that came from the Randolph Room where Ben kept everybody entertained with Christmas music.

When the children had their fill of pizza and the parents had made sure they had eaten some salad , we were surprised by a visit from Santa. Boy, did he know all the children that were present; he knew all the names, even the one from Pine Grove Nursery School. All the children got to sit on Santa’s lap or next to him and they could tell him their wishes. After that, they all got a little treat to take home. Some of them started to eat it immediately since it looked so good! Some of the adults where called forward as well and had to sit on Santa’s lap. We all enjoyed his visit very much!

Then it was time for dessert, brownies with ice cream. No matter how cold it is, that is something we all like!

Thank you to all who helped with this party in one way or the other. It was a great success again. I am looking forward to bringing my rolling pin next year!

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