Notes from the Property Committee

Many members of the FRC don’t make it down into the basement of the Church House often, however, lots of work has been going on down there. With the help of the Intensive Supervision Program, we removed a rotted floor and poured a new concrete floor. It was a very ambitious project.

Rutgers volunteers painted the room, and Lolly replaced the trim. Other smaller projects have been completed in order to comply with a fire code inspection. Work was done to install fans used to keep the circulating pumps cool in the furnace room, and an annual service contract was signed with Buist to keep our large furnaces in operating order.

On another subject, the Property Committee rented tables at two flea markets at the Masonic Temple in South River this year. Led by Julius, we were quite successful in selling many items donated by several FRC members. Thanks, donators!! A total of about $900 was collected, which will help supplement our annual budget.

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