Notes from the Interfaith Rotating Men’s Shelter

By Lolly Schenck

It sounds so official and somewhat intimidating when it’s all spelled out like that, but really it’s just fifteen guys and some of us from FRC spending a week or two together. Seven nights, seven sets of volunteers to shepherd the men, some cots, some food and some fellowship and love.

And it’s not all fun. Getting up and going off to work without a good sleep in your own bed is tough. Hauling the guys’ stuff in and out of our place and on to the next is hard heavy work. Trying to be fair to our hearts’ spirits, and at the same time maintain the integrity of the program and the rules is sometimes anguishing.

But we do it because it’s there to be done and because of the fellowship and love. We open our doors to “strangers” and in their faces we see our own reflected. And in them we see our Lord. And so we do it year after year with joy and some grumbling and kvetching and with love and some whining and sighing and with heart and some huffing and puffing. And we will do it again next January and next March.

Thank you, thank you (in alphabetical order) Ben Berman, Josh Bernhofer, Thakshila Upasena, Gary & Lauren Bernhofer, Bruce Bothwell, John Coakley, Joan Fekete, Jim Hance, John Keller, Aaron Kennedy, Hartmut & Susan Kramer-Mills, Nicola Mammes, Marlana Moore, Raymond, Eugene Rapoport, and Janet & David Waanders. We couldn’t do it without you. See you next year. Happy Easter!

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