Newsletter – Name Change

Several people have approached me as the Editor of FRC’s newsletter to change the name. Nuts About It! just didn’t feel good, since it reminded us of all the squirrels who found their way in through our soffits. Once again, they were reminders of the broken building. Well, thankfully, we can say that these are repaired. In fact, this is the first year when we didn’t have a squirrel-visit in the pastors’; office. Fantastic! Of course, they did find their way into the sanctuary, which wasn’t too pleasant. But now, even that will come to an end with the roof repair of the sanctuary, which will be started this autumn.

So what now? It is time to re-think our newsletter’s name. At one staff meeting a few weeks ago, we discussed certain possibilities. The clock tower always comes to mind, however, we did not want to be too lofty. What would express the hard working, devotional kind of service that we often experience here at FRC? We pondered. Contemplating the inner workings of a clock, and wondering what the technical terms are called, we discussed various possible names. Finally it was suggested that the cogs in the clockwork are intricately important to the clock proceeding with its telling the time. Well, isn’t that a metaphor for the work that we are doing here at FRC? Moreover, don’t cog wheels work together? They certainly aren’t on their own, right? One fits into another, each sharing the burden of the work of making the clock tick. What a metaphor for our dear congregation!!

And so, the new name of our newsletter came to life: COGS. And more than just COGS; it is also an acronym: Christians Offering God Service. Christians interacting together in the service to our Creator!

Hmm…sounds like a keeper. Hope you find it to be an expression of our congregation’s life in the Spirit.

About Susan Kramer-Mills

Susan Kramer-Mills' journey as a pastor has led her to a variety of places. Before attending McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago she was a Volunteer-in-Mission for two years West Berlin, Germany. After returning to the United States and graduating from seminary, she returned with her husband Hartmut to Germany. From 1990 to 1992 she was campus chaplain and registrar at Naumburg Seminary in former East Germany. With the closing of the seminary she assumed the pastorate for the yoked congregations of Stoessen, Goerschen and Rathewitz in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. At the same time she taught Religious Instruction at two public elementary schools until 1998. During this time she was assigned six additional congregations to the original three. In 1998, she received a call as Associate Pastor to Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, New Jersey. She served in that position until 2000, when she and her husband accepted a call as co-pastors to First Reformed Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Since April 1, 2004, Rev. Kramer-Mills has also been working part-time as Classis Minister to the Classis of New Brunswick.
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