Music Notes

We’ve entered the fall season of our church services, and the adult choir will start playing a big part in our services for the rest of the year. You will see us start using the sanctuary’s space more effectively. Yes, it is a large place to worship, but we are perfectly capable of using it to our advantage.

Antiphony is a word in music that means “call-and-response” roughly. It usually involved two choirs singing back and forth, or a leader singing with the choir responding. The choir will occasionally split up to different places in the sanctuary so you will experience a wash of sound from different places.

Expect this different kind of music this fall. We have a huge space, so let’s use it in a creative way! The first choir rehearsals were very fun, educational, and rigorous. We are challenging ourselves in ways we have never done before, and we are very excited to bring you along with us in our journey.

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