Music is the Door to the Soul

March was yet another successful month in the ministry of First Reformed Church’s music program. We are always looking forward to great, ambitious projects, and are fortified by the community of musicians that we bring together many times during worship services, rehearsals, and times for fellowship.

On rainy March 14th, the Adult Choir convened in the Randolph Room for our first annual Choral Rehearsal Retreat. We enjoyed the fellowship of our choir over a delicious lunch prepared by many different hands.

Mark A. Boyle, the music director of Emanuel Lutheran Church in New Brunswick and a candidate for a Doctorate of Music at Rutgers University, led us in nearly three hours of singing to prepare for Holy Week, Easter, and beyond. We are blessed to be in a town where many musicians flourish. Further, we are lucky to be in a society of interconnected houses of worship that come together to develop ways to be more aware of New Brunswick’s extreme diversity.

Starting on March 14th, the children of our church began to rehearse music for the Easter Musical Revue, an idea hatched by the church’s Education committee. The Musical Revue Society for Children (“Mrs. C”) will make its performance debut on Easter, singing hymns about the resurrection and acting out the drama of that miraculous moment in history.

As we progress toward Easter and reflect upon Lent, let us consider what we have learned about ourselves through Lenten reflection. Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but music is the door to it. There is no greater presence of the Holy Spirit as when the sounds of music fill our venerable buildings. Like the sunlight streaming through the dreary clouds on a cold winter day, music rejuvenates and enlivens us, and reminds us of the spring days, of the days of our new life in Christ, that are oh so near.

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