More Modern Hymns and Songs

Submitted By Ethel Salamone

Sing! A New Creation — you know the book, the green one. Have you checked out any of the hymns inside? The words are certainly different, not the “Old-Rugged-Cross” type, are they?

This hymn book was created to appeal to the young Christians of the 21st century. All well and good, but listen closely to the music. The old hymn tunes have not been forgotten. They’re being used with the new words. Example: a few weeks ago we sang #34 in the green book, Let all Creation Bless the Lord. It sounded familiar; it was. Check #146 in Rejoice; it’s the same tune.

What has been done is that a bit of the past has been taken along with the new. For this we give thanks to those who compiled this new means of worship. And here at First Reformed Church our thanks go also to the Deuble family. The bequest of A. Franklin Deuble made it possible for us to experience these new, but familiar hymns.

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