Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Worship

Submitted by Lily Kramer-Mills

The Mar 20th Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Worship this year was quite different because “instead of the usual classical music” my two friends, Bryan Harring on the saxophone, and Enrico Cabriero on piano, played jazz music. Bryan and Rico improvised the beginning of the hymns between the scripture readings. They also performed a jazz song called Lush Life, which made the atmosphere melancholy. Rico then played a lovely piece during communion, which helped the congregation to relax and meditate a bit more. The music added a great touch to the service.

Ethel Salamone also made a specific type of bread with ingredients from the Bible; it is called Ezekiel bread. This made the evening even more special. It tasted quite good and seemed more natural, just as if it was Christ’s real body. The service was moving and ended with the bells being rung thirty-three times (the number of years of Jesus’ life in the world) by Viktoriya. As usual, we left the sanctuary with the lights turned down low and without a blessing.

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