Many Thanks to Ethel Salamone’s ‘Church Family”

Submitted by Elizabeth Hance

Words of appreciation are extended to everyone at FRC who participated in the ‘Ethel Salamone birthday card project’ by writing birthday cards that were mailed to Ethel for her 86th birthday!

Ethel's 86th Birthday - June 9th

Ethel’s 86th Birthday – June 9th

This photo of Ethel was taken on her birthday (June 9th) at Ethel’s residence in the Parker-at-Monroe long-term care facility’s White Willows small-home.

As you can see from Ethel’s broad smile, Ethel truly enjoyed her flowers, cake, LOTS of birthday cards, and all the attention she received on her birthday.
The love and caring that the FRC ‘family’ shared with Ethel on her 86th birthday is best expressed in these words from a familiar hymn: “Blessed be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian Love…”

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