Make Your Reservations Now !

First Reformed Church will be providing shelter for the men that the Ozanam Shelter is unable to house. As we are all aware of, during the winter months there are more men than beds. Thankfully, we have been able to offer beds for 15 men.

However, the beds are the easy part; finding volunteers can be difficult. So if you want to help by spending the night or part of it, please get your reservations in early.

Think of what it must be like on a cold winter night to have no place to sleep inside. This is a good thing for us to do, and it will work only if enough of us volunteer.

The dates are Sunday, Dec 9th through Saturday, Dec 15th. Jim Hance is the Men’s Shelter Coordinator and Josh Bernhofer is his assistant. Talk to either of them at church or call the office; we would be pleased to schedule your reservation for a night at the church house!

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