Lunchtime Recital Series

At our second Lunchtime Recital of the season, we heard the beautiful music of the trombone. Roger Verdi and Martha Locker, his piano accompanist, presented a very intimate recital, despite the size of his instrument. We heard the virtuosic music of a little-known Croatian composer named Stjepan Sulek, contrasted with the famous Songs of a Wayfarer by Gustav Mahler.

Forty-three people were present to partake in the music and lunch afterwards. It was very pleasant to watch Roger as he swayed with his music, making his large brass instrument sing like a bird. Occasionally, he let out a dramatic wail that excited and energized the audience.

Our final recital of the fall will be on November 10th and will feature Alessandra Tiraterra, a classical pianist.

We hope you will join us for soup and music on that Wednesday, at 12:15.

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