Leaded Glass in Sanctuary Door

By Ellen Hamilton

When you enter the church from the south vestibule you are bound to notice that the leaded window is missing from the left-hand leather door. Many sections of the lead pieces had broken causing the window to rattle. The window was inspected by the Patrick Baldoni of Femenella & Associates. He recommended that we remove the glass before it falls out and hits someone. Julius Fekete removed the glass and put it in storage. It will take a lot of detailed work to repair the window. The Property Committee is making plans how to proceed with it.

The damage was caused by the impact of the door against the doorstop. The door has Victorian spring hinges which allow the door to swing both ways and open 180<. When the door is opened nearly 180<, the springs snap it in place. The repeated bumping against the doorstop eventually broke some of the lead. Margaret Westfield wrote: “At the first floor level, this is a prominent interior feature, that conveys an understanding that yours is not a regular old church, but a very special building.” Clearly, we should have the window repaired. But first we need to find a way to prevent the door from banging against the doorstop.

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