Sknaht uoy is “thank you” spelled backward. Regardless of the way it is spelled, still it is meant for all those who served at the Men’s Shelter in March. Some nights there were 15 homeless men; other nights there were only 11 or 12.

March is the last month that shelter is provided for them, so now the homeless men will have to find some other place to spend the night. Just think about how cold it is still outside.

Volunteering this time around was a little different for us. It was not as much fun without Jim Hance, our official Shelter Boss. As most of you know, he became ill and is still in the hospital. No only did we volunteers miss Jim, but the homeless men also mentioned him. They always asked us for updates about his condition. Not what one would expect, right?! But many of our homeless guests have been rotating from one house of worship to another for many years. (Unfortunate but true!)

Thank you to all that served – not only those from First Reformed, but also the many other groups and organizations who gave of their time to make it possible for the men to stay.

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