Kids’ Club

“I am walking with my lantern, and my lantern is walking with me!”

…So starts a German song, obviously translated into the English, which the Kid’s Club children learned on Saturday, Nov 11th. Yes, we learned about St. Martin of Tours, who,as the legend goes,was a Roman soldier around the year 300 A.D., and shared his red cloak with a freezing beggar. We connected the story to the dark time of the year, the need to bring light and hope into darkness, to share, as well as the fact that Martin Luther, the German reformer, was baptized on this day and given the first name of Martin.

We had more fun, too, making micro-wave pizzas and a turkey out of candy corn, peanut butter cups, and lots of chocolate icing.

Since the Pageant Play, practice, dress  rehearsal and PARTY will be taking place in December, our next Kid’s Club get-together is scheduled for January 20th, 2007.

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