Inside the Sanctuary

by Erie Beemsterboer and Margaret Coakley

Now that we are facing fall and cooler temperatures, we are going back to our beautiful sanctuary for our services. What a change a coat of paint can make! The pews are looking so good. A big Thank You to all those volunteers who helped to bring this about: Julius Fekete, Ellen & Bruce Hamilton, Pastors Hartmut & Susan, Lily Kramer-Mills & friends, Margaret Coakley, Heather Epstein, Norma Vande Bunte, Ben Berman (was this in your job description?), and the Beemsterboer family. And, by the time this article is printed there may be a few more names to add to the list.

That reminds us, if you would like to write a thank-you note and are looking around for a nice card, consider using one of our note cards. They are beautifully decorated with drawings of the various buildings, which we have worshiped in as First Reformed Church. We sell them in packs of 4 or 10. Just see Ethel if you would like some, or stop by the church office!

Talking of Ethel, she deserves a big thanks as well, as she was responsible for baking all those delicious cookies we enjoyed every coffee hour in the summer. Now it is open to all of us to provide refreshments after the service. They can be something simple; most of us are just looking forward to something to nibble on while catching up with the other members. In addition, be assured there is always someone who is willing to explain how to make the coffee and hot water.

Looking forward to see all of you soon in our sanctuary!

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