Imagine — that all your possessions are in one big bag
Imagine — that you spend all day in the streets in all kind of weather
Imagine — that at night you have no place to sleep indoors
Imagine, Imagine, Imagine — all the other things that you do not have when you are homeless

We here at First Reformed Church can do a little to help those who are homeless. The first week in January, 2011 will be our turn to offer shelter at night. The dates are January 2nd through January 9th. Some of us might be thinking “yeah” we do this every year. Yes, you are correct. However, it is important that we do not think of it as a habit but as an important ministry of our church. What a great ministry it is to offer shelter to those who are not as fortunate as we.

Without Jim Hance and all who offer their time, we could not do this. Please look at your date book and see if you can offer some time. Women and men are both welcome. If you cannot give the whole evening any time would be good.

Imagine what Jesus would do.

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