Heartening News on the Fund-Raising Front

The mail brought a wonderful boost to the preservation project on Oct 20th! We received a $15,000 grant from the J. Seward Johnson, Sr. 1963 Charitable Trust. The Trust funds many projects in such areas as education for the underserved, health and healthcare, substance abuse and conservation, but includes some historic preservation projects in its giving. The office of the Trust is in the J&J Building at 2100 Albany St., and so we like to think that the trustees could look out at our steeple as they considered the application. This is our second grant from the Trust; the first, also for $15,000 came in 2008. The grant will be helpful in paying for work that is happening right now. We believe that citing this grant when we apply to other foundations will help engender confidence in the merits of our project.

The fund-raising committee also wants to extend thanks to those members and friends who have been making contributions towards their pledges. When we report our progress, we always report the total of contributions and pledges, confident that those who have pledged will, indeed, turn those promises to dollars. The dollars are certainly needed now. Be reminded that as they are used, they will be matched by the state. Please accept a big thank you.

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