Health Summit at First Reformed Church

First Reformed Church’s first Health Summit on September 29th was a wonderful success. The Health Summits are an outreach of St. Peter’s University Hospital. Many doctors come to work on their day off to administer screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and Body Mass Index. The Free Spirits group of our congregation also benefitted from a lecturer who came from the hospital to discuss balance and exercises with us.

Altogether more than 40 people went through the entire gamut of health screenings. Since so many people came to take advantage of this free service, it is safe to say that this kind of outreach is exactly what our community now needs from us. Churches are places where people come to be healed spiritually; why should we also not help them take care of their bodies?

The Invitation and Outreach Committee is owed much credit for organizing this event. Tab Chukunta, from St. Peter’s University Hospital and a member of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, is an inspiring and spirited leader who makes these interactions between hospitals and worship houses possible.

I hope that we have a lasting relationship in the works so that we can continually provide these services for the community for many years.

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